Self-Protection Courses Starting February 15th 2017

Make 2017 the year you learn to protect yourself — 3 part Course

  • Learn from a serving Police Officer (a club Blackbelt) as what to expect on the street
  • Understand protection awareness and help you to avoid physical confrontations
  • Learn a series of techniques for deterring an attacker
  • Get the chance to practise defensive combinations to boost your confidence

The courses  are suitable for ages 14—65. The emphasis is on self-protection by helping individuals to practise moves and techniques to protect them from a would-be attacker.

Each course will be presented by male and female black belt instructors.

WED 7.30 PM—9.00 PM

Course Price: £20 (for all 3 sessions)

Female Only Course
15 Feb / 22 Feb / 1  Mar
Tickets: Click here to buy tickets for the female-only course

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