Shihan John Barnes 8th dan kyoshiSensei John Barnes

John is the club’s most senior instructor and is our technical director. He studied Kung Fu for several years and in 1981 obtained his 1st Degree Black Sash. He began his studies in the Goju Ryu Karate style in 1983 and obtained his 1st Dan grade in 1989. John also studied Aikido for many years and is a fully qualified practitioner of Shiatsu, Reiki, Swedish and Sport massage.

John currently holds an 8th dan grade and is the club’s senior instructor.

Other teachers

Shihan Paul Ross 6th dan renshi
Sei Shihan Russ Hester 4th dan – Kids’ section coordinator
Sei Shihan Andy Krafft 4th dan – Adults’ section coordinator
Sei Shihan Andy Warwick 4th dan – Kids’ section coordinator
Jun Shihan Kieran Budd 3rd dan and Kobudo instructor
Jun Shihan Ken Douglas 3rd dan
Amie Benton 3rd dan
John Hayden 3rd dan
Phil Hayes 3rd dan
John Rakauskas 3rd dan
Emma Gane
2nd dan
Wendy Pinches 2nd dan
Hamilton Robb 1st dan

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