Kata (ka-tah) are a series of moves that mimic the individual techniques that karate uses. While in some ways kata are a bit like a dance (kata means form or pattern in Japanese) in reality they are a series of karate moves that are linked together in a way that allows flowing practice of those moves.

Once you have spent a lesson or two learning some of the basic moves of goju ryu karate, you will then be taught the first kata which is called gekisai dai ichi (gecky-sigh-die-eachy).

You can see an example of this below both in graphical form and as a couple of videos (featuring Morio Higaonna who is a world class karate expert).

For more about which kata we teach at our club look under the Syllabus menu.

Gekisai dai ichi flick book
Gekisai Dai Ichi moves

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